A little bit more bio stuff…



I am also into collecting militaria, primarily German WW2 medals and paper work. At the moment the collection is in storage as we are doing up our new house and I very much look forward to setting it all up once we move in, at the moment the target date is Christmas 2011! My main thrust of collecting is Urkunde (medal documents) and Soldbuchs and Wherpass (sort of pay and service books). The Soldbuch was carried by the soldier on his person while the Wehrpass was usually held at the home depot the soldier belonged to. The great thing about them is that they are very, very re-searchable and a good background picture of the owner can be very easily built up. I have a decent enough library at home to help me in my research though there are many excellent forums out there as well as some indispensable websites such as the Lexikon der Whermacht, also great for OOB’s for wargamers.


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