German Defence

OKH is starting to recover from the shock of coming up against the biggest amphibious landings in History by ordering a move to the south and south east. It is clear that the Allies will need a deep water port to supply their large armies. Cherbourg is the only port large enough in the area and as such will be a priority for defence, however OKH is wary of creating a Stalingrad in the West if the Cotentin Peninsular is cut off. As such a rough line from Franceville-Caen-Tilly-sur-Seulles-St Jean de Daye-Carentan-Valognes is being drawn using the benefits of the hilly terrain to anchor its defensive positions and using the unique bocage terrain of Normandy to nullify Allied numbers. At the moment Allied strength is concentrated but as they break out from their beachheads this strength will dissipate and the narrow country lanes will not allow the Allied forces to concentrate their armour bringing German anti-tank weapons to the fore.

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