Hello and welcome!

Well its my first ever blog and I have no idea what I am doing at this moment in time but I hope to learn as time progresses.

A little bio bit. I am 36 years old and I am a teacher, primarily of History. I have titled this blog bytes and dice as living in Gibraltar the gaming community like Gibraltar is small and the opportunity to game in groups here is very small. I have a long history of DnD (hence the dice) and computer war gaming (hence the bytes). I have always loved History and that of the Second World War in particular. This stems from my paternal grandfather, a WW2 veteran with the 2nd Independent Parachute Brigade who had spells in Italy and Greece. My favourite toys as a boy were the many plastic soldiers of different scales with which I recreated battles I had read about or my grandfather told me about. One of my earliest memories is painting a German Falschirmjaeger in Red and my grandfather telling me in a somewhat misty voice that they didn’t wear red but rather shades of green. This love of History evolved into war gaming and my first ever war game was a Battle of Midway paper game at the back of some WW2 magazine a relative had bought for me when I was around 11. Gradually I chose to make a career  out of History by qualifying as a teacher and now leading a History Department in the school I work in. My first computer (Commodore 64) brought the first pixellated warriors into my life with games such as Desert Fox, Crusade in Europe, Silent Service, Pirates! and Vietnam. At the same time a first reading of Lord of the Rings opened up the world of fantasy to me. 2nd Edition Dungeons and Dragons followed with a penchant for the worlds of Krynn and Faerun. A small DnD gaming group, that has risen and fallen through the ages, was created. My first PC expanded the scope of wargaming available to me. TIE Fighter was the natural progression from Gunship on the C64, but it was really a freeware game about the ACW that sparked an interest in  rectangles with symbols on them. This led me to The Operational Art of War and then to the Panzer General Series. As PC’s got better I came across a free game called Steel Panthers:World at War. As a stickler for historical accuracy I loved the many mods and scenarios. Likewise PC RPG’s made a massive impact as well. From the text games on the C64 and the venerable and classic Bard’s Tale and through SSI’s games set in Krynn and Faerun Baldurs Gate was released followed by Icewind Dale and Neverwinter Nights. I visited Morrowind and fell in love with Tamriel, and her mods and expansions. Oblivion (modded is a delight to play) led me to my first ever 24 hour game session (complete with fake sickness to stave off the girlfriend(now wife)!). Matrix Games and HPS have provided endless hours of entertainment in the realms of History now lost and from the frozen steppes outside Stalingrad, to Krasnaya Polyana outside Moscow I have done the whole Ost Front. War in the Pacific took me to a theatre I had never had any interest in before and it has now taken over my game time with two ongoing AE PBEM’s. I dabble in WoW occasionally but its the call of the Wargame that I answer too. Coming up we have Skyrim coming out and a revisit to Tamriel is on the cards with the Nords!

So please be patient with a virgin blogger and enjoy the ride

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3 comments on “Hello and welcome!

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  2. herbie says:

    Hiu mate

    herbie here
    great read!

    • jmcneice says:

      Thanks for the support Herb. Pass it around your war gaming buddies. I have great plans for this blog. Check later today for a battle report on the encounter near the Marshalls with your oilers!

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