Invasion ist com! Normandie! (HPS AAR)

I fired up HPS’s Normandy 44 in their great Panzer Campaigns series last Friday for the first time in a few months and have spent most of the weekend defending Festung Europa from the invading Allies. I have Volcano Man’s Mods ( installed and the map art from Map Mod ( They add great flavour and give the game a much needed facelift.


The game currently stands at 18:00 on D-Day itself. The 21st Panzer Division is starting to dig in around Caen while carrying out a counter attack against the British Airborne units dropped east of the Orne, south of Franceville.


Elements of Grenadier Regiment 736 and Ost Battalion 642 defend Colville sur Orne against elements of the British 3rd Infantry Division and the 27t Armoured Brigade.


The Atlantic Wall was truly broken around Gold and Juno Beaches. Cromwells have been sighted near the outskirts of Colombiers while elements of 716th Infanteire Divison try to fall back to higher ground in good order.


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