What am I currently Reading?

At the moment nothing as I have read everything I have! I am awaiting two books on the Pacific Theatre of war. Frank’s classic on the Battleof Guadalcanal and Hell to Pay on the last years in the Pacific and Operation Olympic, the invasion of Japan. I am also a massive fan of the Black Library books. Novels set in the Warhammer setting, be it 40K or Fantasy Battles. I am collecting all the Horus Heresy series and I recommend them. I have neither the skill nor the patience to paint the Warhammer figures but the literature I lap up eagerly. I much prefer the 40K setting but Malus Blackblade and Gotrek and Felix share the shelves with Space Marines, the Imperial Guard and the servants of Chaos. I hope to get my hands on the limited edition novella Aurelian in the next couple of days and the next installment of the Horus Heresy due out in November. M0st of my library is taken up with WW2 books which I will list in this blog once I have unpacked it from the boxes it currently resides in!


2 comments on “What am I currently Reading?

  1. Harry Erwin says:

    You need to require people to register before you allow them to comment. As it stands, you’ll be inundated with blogspam.

  2. jmcneice says:

    Thanks for the comment Harry. One noob question, how do I do that? In the Dashboard?

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