Invasion ist com! Normandie! (HPS AAR)

6th June 1944 18:00

German reaction starts to solidify. Grenadier Regiment 915 reports the arrival of most of its companies in the ridges above Fontenay and Juvigny and have started to dig in. Several anti-aircraft batteries have also been deployed around these initial defensive positions as Allied air supremacy is total. Spitfires, Thunderbolts, Lightnings, Mosquitos, Typhoons… the list is endless and casualty reports coming in from troops on the move are quite alarming. Here are some extracts received by AOK 7 by 18:00 hours:

2/ss.Aufk 12 reports 15% loss of vehicles to low flying jagdbomber on road St Pierre sur Dives-Caen

8/II/G.R.1057 reports 7% casualties to infantry due to enemy air action

3/Aufk.21 reports loss of 5 vehicles total losses to enemy air action.

Field Marshal von Rundstedt, OB West has issued orders to limit daylight movement and strict camaflouge discipline must be maintained. Whenever possible advantage is to be taken of natural cover in terrain.

21st Panzer Division has successfully engaged British paratroopers on the east bank of the River Orne. Though some recon elements have pulled back from spotted strong enemy positions, Panzer Grenadier Regiment 22 has successfully assaulted and eliminated a British company and is now in a position to try and relieve elements of 716th Infanterie Division cut off at Franceville.

9/3/1057 (91st Luftlande Division) supported by mortars from its heavy weapons company and with the attached 2nd company of Pioniere Battalion 191 routed elements of an American airborne unit to the north of Etienvielle. American mortars had been harassing the Hauptquaertier of the 91st and had the secondary road leading to Etienville under observation.


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