War in the Pacific Admiral’s Edition. Game vs Herb

This is an ongoing WitP:AE game that I am playing with a long time gaming partner from Australia. This is out third PBEM, one in vanilla Witp that run upto 1944 and the second in AE. This current game is upto December 1942 and has been ongoing roughly for over a year in Real life. We manage on average about a turn a day, a great average considering the time difference between Gibraltar and Australia. Herb is a great guy and an even better opponent. He is fair and honourable and his side of the game can be followed over at the Matrix Forums under the title The Little Ship That Could.

I have just received his turn back but as I am at work I cannot reply till later however an ANZAC led cruiser force has just intercepted some Japanese oilers that were supporting carrier operations to the North of the Marshall Islands. AE added the ability to carry out mid ocean intercepts as opposed to vanilla WitP were interceptions happened if opposing TF’s ended up in the same hex. As such the game is much more exciting, for example the Japanese carrier Junyo was sunk in a similar mid ocean intercept during the second Battle of Tarawa earlier in the game.

Full battle report to come later…

HMNZS Leander. Flagship for ANZAC Light Cruiser Force, December 1942

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