Invasion ist com! Normandie! (HPS AAR)


06:00 Hours, 7th June

Daylight brings back the Allied airplanes that have hammered troops movements along the major highways. Those traveling in more secluded and wooded areas have been spared the worst. Overnight movements were able to be carried out with no interdiction at all. Allied air supremacy is total. Yet the Luftwaffe takes to the skies but not to perform any combat missions or to conduct fighter sweeps to protect their land bound comrades. Instead 5 Arado 240 reconnaissance aircraft fly over the Utah Beach Area in an attempt to gather information about enemy dispositions. The sortie takes place at first light and no enemy fighters intercept the flight.


Arado's 240 ready themselves in rear airfields prior to thier mission over the Allied Beach Head.

British units are starting to push out of their beach heads and are starting to assault rear guard positions on the ridges just behind off the main landing areas.

Further to the West American units from Utah Beach have solidly linked with the airborne soldiers dropped 24 hours earlier. They have a wide expanded beach head but the paras are starting to come up against good defensive positions in solid defensive ground. 91st Luftlande Divsion and 709th Infanterie Division start to make the German left flank on the Invasion Front!


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