Terrain and its advantages

Two 3 gun batteries of 1./PJ.200 on overwatch on roads leading from Gold and Juno Beach to Caen.


HPS Panzer Campaigns has the ability to zoom in to a very small scale and we get to see the terrain in 3D mode giving us an excellent view of the lie of the land. Terrain is crucial in battle and so it also is in pixellated war. In the screenie we see two 3 gun batteries of 88mm DP guns from PanzerJaeger Battalion 200, 21st Panzer Division. They stand on a hill of 50m elevation and grants them a 4km observation area. The hill commands several routes from the British and Canadian beaches into Caen. The viewed distance will allow us some early warning when the push on Caen comes and gives the 88m an excellent field of fire on roads the British armour is sure to use. Furthermore the hill is classified as ‘field’ terrain which gives a +25% bonus to defence and it also has a trench dug in it adding a further 20% bonus to defence.


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