Invasion ist com! Normandie! (HPS AAR)

08:00 Hours 7th June 1944

OKW starts to wake from its lethargy. The Fuhrer was awoken from his slumber at great risk to his aide but immediately started to give orders to redeploy the Wehrmacht in the Cotentin to meet and contain the Allied Beach Head until the Panzer units railing to the battle area got there. Infantry units stationed on the Brittany cost and the West side of the Cotentin were given immediate permission to start making their way to Normandy. The 243rd Infanterie Division was released from it coastal defence duties at Les Pieux and was ordered to run the gauntlet of Allied Jagdbomber to reinforce the 91st Luftlande and 709th Infanterie Divisions on the German left flank. The 352nd Infanterie was holding a large front to the West of Caen but reinforcement in the shape of the Schelle Brigade 30 were arriving. The 21st Panzer Division was locked in deadly comabt with the British Paras while advanced elements of the British 3rd Infantry Division were on the outskirts of Bieville and Blainville. More gratifying were the news of the arrival of the Headquarters of the I SS Panzer Corps and the bulk of the 12th SS HitlerJugend Division. Both its Panzer Grenadier Regiments and its Panther Battalion were rushing to the flanks of Caen. SS.PzGr.Rgt.25 and SS.Auf.Btl.12 were deploying around Capriquet Airfield to the West of Caen while SS.PzGr.Rgt.26 was starting to relieve some of the 21st Panzer’s Panzergreandiers that were running low on fuel and ammo.

1/SS.Pz.Rgt.12 arrives on the Invasion Front! Notice the high level of morale denoting and elite unit.

More Reading Material

Having received some bad news on the personal front I decided to pay a visit to my local book store and gaming shop. Ive preordered and reserved Skyrim as I shall be in Spain onĀ  a residential school trip on the day it comes out (11-11-11). I also came out of the book shop with three more additions to the Library.

Operation Felix by a local author. I already own the First Edition so I decided to get this expanded version.

A referece book on German Destroyers during WW2

One on the Siege of Tobruk