War in the Pacific Admiral’s Edition. Game vs Herb

One aspect of the game I really enjoy, probably because its the only one I can master, is the submarine warfare. The game boasts every submarine to have ploughed its way through the Pacific, well almost all of them. It is a side of the game that gives you a strategic feel, you are the man responsible for carrying out the submarine warfare against the Japanese merchant traffic taking back resources and oil to the Home Islands. Against the AI this is a relatively easy thing to do, but against a human opponent in a PBEM it is far more difficult as convoy routes change when the wolf packs descend on them. Furthermore sub warfare also brings out one of the most frustrating parts of the game, the infernal dud rate of the MK14 torpedo. It really makes you sympathise with those men who had to fight with these faulty fish! The record in my games is one merchant in a game vs Fletcher (from Matrix Forum) that was hit by 18 consecutive duds in a run from Milne Bay to Merauke, via Port Moresby and Horn Island! Yet the successes bring a massive sense of achievement.

So far SS Pogy under LCDR Wales (no relation to HRH the Prince of Wales :P) has been a rising star of the Silent Service. She has been patrolling off the Japanese Home Islands for about 8 weeks and if you look at the screenie you can see her current state of ammunition. She has been responsible for sinking or damaging 19,425 tons of enemy shipping. The stats come from a recent creation by rcm161 and can be found in the Tech Section of the Matrix Forums on AE. The Submarine Reporter Tool is now crucial to my gaming experience and it is a great supplement to the excellent AE Tracker.

The unit patch is also work of the great community at the Matrix AE Forum. These patches come for Allied and Japanese air units, land units and ships. Kudos to Halsey, Lesbaker, Dixie, Smeulders and all the guys who have worked on the project.


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