Invasion ist com! Normandie! (HPS AAR)

20:00 Hours 7th June 1944


After action report for action North of Herouville 7-6-44. Sturmbannfuhrer Wunshce O/C  SS Panzer Regiment 12


Our first battalion (Pzkpfw V) along with our kameraden of Panzer Regiment 22 (Pzkpfw IVh) has attacked and routed several companies of the British 3rd Infantry Division to the north of Herouville, Caen. All units earmarked for the assault were in place by 16:00 hours except of elements of 2./SS Panzer Regiment 12 that were stuck in the South of Caen as the main road through he city is blocked by rubble from an enemy air raid early this morning. This raid or the damage it caused did not stop our artillery from softening up the target prior to a armed reconnaissance by Pumas of 2./Aufk.21. British infantry was seen moving up to the line in preparation for an assault and our attack was given the go ahead. The order ‘Panzers Marsch’ was given at 17:50 and the right wing of the attack was in contact with the enemy infantry by 18:25. Our Panzer IV’s were able to deliver some devastating volleys on the British soldiers and were supported by mortars of 4/I/PzGr.125 positioned on the heights above Herouville. FO’s accompanied the Panzers and brought down some accurate and telling fire. Our own attack, making the left flank was carried out by all out available Panthers and 18 Panzer IVh’s from the 21st Panzer. We were able to take the enemy hard on his flank and at least two companies were seen to flee in disarray and panic to the south east in the direction of Blainville. A breakthrough was prevented by the last British company that showed more courage that its comrades. It held its ground and despite heavy casualties still defends the main track leading from Herouville to Blainville. Several of our Panther zugs reported receiving sporadic PAK fire from the fields to the North West, though none of our tanks received any damage of note. Some disruption however has been caused due to the elan shown by our young tankers, this action being their baptism of fire. Orders have been sent out to recover unit cohesion before retiring to Herouville under cover of darkness. Kameraden of 9/SS Pio.Btl.12 have passed through the lines of Panzer Regiment 22 and engaged the British with MG 42 fire that further suppressed and disrupted the enemy. They will dig in on the outskirts of Herouville and can count on the 75’s on our Panthers for support. It is hoped that our sister Battalion can join us overnight as the streets of Caen are due to be cleared as soon as dusk comes down upon us.

Wunsche, Stbfuh, SS panzer Regiment 12

SS Panzer Regiment 12 receives its baptism of fire at Herouville