Old 3.5 DnD Campaign


The Cracked Tavern was awash with customers seeking shelter from the biting wind. The local patrons sat at their usual tables, these being full of tankards of ale and plates of hot and inviting stew. A troupe of minstrels provided some music that could be barely heard above the din being made by some off duty town guards that seemed to be taking some delight and teasing and manhandling one of the wenches.

“Fine treasure map this turned out to be,” muttered Felix as he unrolled the parchment. “Its just one of those reward notices for Goblin heads that the City Guard have posted all over the city. Hold on a minutes its 10 gold a head. Hey we could really make some coin out of this…”

His ramblings were cut short by a loud female scream. One of the guardsmen had gone too far and had torn the bodice of her shirt. This was obviously met by raucous laughter and some not to gentlemanly comments on her sizable assets that were now struggling to break free.

“That’s too far,” grumbled Helm as he started to make his way towards the guardsmen. Lucious grimaced at this and followed to try and intercede. He did not want to start his Faith Quest with a brush against the Law.

He was about to grab Helm by the shoulder and tell him to forget about it when the door of the tavern swung open again, Lucious noticed that driving rain had joined in with the swirling wind but it was the person who had opened the door that had captured his attention. Standing at the door was the rather plump and out of breath figure of Postulant Cadderley.

“Brother Lucious, thank the Holy Father you are still in Dun Tonay,” he gasped. “We have need of you at the Church. There is trouble at the Paramour Vault.” At the mention of the name Paramour even Helm turned away from the guardsmen and followed the rest of the party out of the door and into the rain.

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