Old 3.5 DnD Campaign


After a short, wet walk to the Temple the party were gathered in the antechamber of the Deacon of Dun Tonay, Master of the Temple of Bel.

“Who are the Paramour’s?” asked and inquisitive Gibel, his accent betraying an ancestry far flung from Dun Tonay.

“The Paramour’s are one of the most powerful families in Dun Tonay and the Head of the Serpent Clan,” replied a by now very flustered Cadderley.

Deverrey’s society was organised into a system of clans. Several families swore allegiance to one clan or another depending on their interests, be they economic or political. Each family had to provide members to serve in the religious orders and had to answer to the call of the King if Deverrey went to war. But other than that the clan held the loyalty of each family in turn. Leaving one clan to join another could set off a series of inter family wars that could last for generations.

“Powerful indeed Postulant,” said a sullen voice. The door to the Deacon’s chamber opened and a wizened old man stood at the door way. His long white hair was braided in the style of the Elders and his left eye was empty, that side of his face ravaged by a great scar that seemed aeons old and seemed to have been made by some sort of claw.

“My gratitude to you Brother Lucious for answering our call,” he continued. “As you know the head of the Paramour family, Theros, has been at loggerheads with the Church for a few years. He has never hidden his apathy towards us or the works of the Father. Furthermore the rumours of his meddling with Necromancy seem to have been correct. Our auguries have pierced into the Paramour mausoleum in the graveyard and we sense the presence of the awakened dead.”

“Foul bastards,” exclaimed Helm, “this evil will be cleansed Deacon on my sword I swear by it.”

“It will take more than swords Helm,” retorted the Deacon, “something of great power is behind this. Not even my auguries could penetrate a darkness that inhabits the lower level of the crypt. I fear that your faith in the Father will be your strongest weapon in this fight.”

“Our faith is strong Deacon,” answered Lucious, “and we stand ready to serve the Father.”

The Deacon smiled and nodded warmly, “I know Lucious, I have known since the first day you walked in here all those summers ago.” “Postulant, arm these brave souls with the weapons of the Father and i thank you yet again. Now go as time is off the essence. I shall send a message to the Archbishop of this. May the Blessings of the Father light you way.” With that he retired once again into his chambers while the Postulant gave out potions and some blessed sickles and led the party to the Paramour Vault.

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