Old 3.5 Edition DnD Campaign Story

The following post comes from a campaign story I started way back in 3.5. It was run by our longstanding DM in a homebrew world set in an Celtic Mythology background. The DnD pantheons took the place of the New Religions coming to replace the old. The story is about 4 years old and alas the campaign over. I am not a big fan of 4E DnD as I prefer my World of Warcraft on my PC screen and not in a PnP setting. I have always played a cleric and I hate the role they have in 4e!

I play Lucious, a cleric of Bel (read Pelor), a devout priest who has followed the teachings of Bel since an early age. Orphaned after an orc raid on the outlying farms of Dun Tonay (town where the campaign starts), i was taken in by the local orphange, run by the local Chapter of the Church of Bel. As a youngster i would attend services at the temple and showed an aptitude to learning the written and read word as well as a flair for the Apothecary’s art. At the age of 10 i was accepted into the order as an acloyte and by the time i was 17 i was consecrated into the Church of Bel. It is the practice of the church of Bel to pair up its clerics with Holy Soldiers of the Faith, and it was this way that i met Helm, paladin squire of the Order of the Flaming Sword.

Helm(another PC), is an paladin in the service of the church of Bel, sworn to be Lucious’s sworn faith brother. He hails from another town to the North of Dun Tonay and his devotion to the cause is utmost. Somewhat stocky, he has a magnetic personality and lives his life according to the tenets of his Order. Specialised in the Longsword, the symbol of his Order, he is a fearless fighter and will not shirk away from his duty and role as Protector and Purveyor of the Faith and the Innocent.

Felix, a long term friend from the orphange is the party’s rogue. He was found outside the Cracked Tankard, lying in a wicker basket, on a starry night one summer 17 years ago. Somewhat of a mischief maker as a boy, his heart was full of noble intentions, though as a teenager he would often be found skulking along the roofs of Dun Tonay from one maiden’s room to another. Nimble and quick he was apprenticed to the local tanner. A retired adventurer he imparted many skills onto Felix, who soon was adept at dagger throwing and was often seen with a short sword strapped to his thigh. As he grew older the deisre to roam stirred in his heart. We kept in constant contact as we grew up and i did not hesitate to accept his offer of help when sent on my first Faith Quest.

The last member of our party is Gibel. A man of the woods and an excellent archer. Very little is known of him by the people of Dun Tonay, indeed many rumour there is a touch of the Fey about him. For the past few months he had been seen skulking in and out of the trees that ring the town and would often bring in furs into town to trade during the mid-week market. More comfortable among the trees than people Gibel is a quiet sort that comes alive during combat. Despite this a gentle soul resides in this leather clad servant of the Woods.

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