War in the Pacific Admiral’s Edition. Game vs Herb

An unsettling quiet has settled over the Pacific War Front. After the successful landing on Maloelap both US and IJN forces seem to be taking a slight breather, well all except for the Silent Service. 6 boats reported attacking enemy vessels yesterday and 5 more engagements today. Unfortunately all of yesterdays attacks came back with negative results and misfiring torpedoes. The Navy Board has now finally consented to the fact, after 12 months of conflict, that there is something wrong with our torpedoes and a select committee is working hard to remedy this (ingame read this as the % drop in dud rate as of 1/43). However as it stands our brave submarine crews are taking the fight to the enemy with a faulty weapon!

Today the following submarines reproted dud torpedoes:

SS Spearfish off Rangoon, retaliation by enemy escort moderately damages sub

SS Perch off Kofiau, sub evades escorts

SS Trout however, Trout has run the gauntlet of Japanese sea and air ASW and has stolen into the Sea of Japan and is skulking on the main Sapporo-Ominato convoy route. Her first strike oof the day was one hit, one dud on a 6,000 ton merchant. The ship was left damaged but still underway but gushing smoke and listing. No escort was accompanying the vessel.

The Trout, however, was not finished for the day. Three hours later a second, unescorted enemy merchant sailed by. Her Commander order the sub to surface and chose to enage the vessel with all possible armaments. 5 inch shells from the deck gun set the ship afire, while 20mm shells and .50 cal machine gun fire peppered the decks. 8 torpedoes were also launched, a fact that raised Quartermaster eyebrows at Pearl Harbour, but only two warheads exploded. Nonetheless the ship was seen to burn heavily and gradually begin to settle in the water. She had not sunk by the time the Trout plunged back into the depths but she was going down by the stern at last view.

Here is the current submarine contribution to the war effort from the Submarine Reporter Tool by rcm1616 aforementioned in a previous post. A great little book keeper! Great for the micro managing addict and gives the game a sort of historical feel as it can be interpreted as a sort of Ship’s Log!