Invasion ist com. Normandie! (HPS AAR)

22:00 Hours 7th June 1944


After action report  Number 2 for action North of Herouville 7-6-44. Sturmbannfuhrer Wunshce O/C  SS Panzer Regiment 12

HQ I SS Panzer Corps ordered a night assault on British positions outside Blainville for 21:00 hours. Once again our Panther Battalion, support by elements of 21st Panzer Division, led the attack against the Tommies. Unlike in Russia, the British infantry was not ready for a nocturnal assault and our advance elements were soon able to capture the enemy’s positions. 6 PAK guns wee captured and several dozen POWs were sent back to the rear echelons. Further harassing fire was conducted on the retreating enemy infantry. Observers have spotted further enemy units dug in at Blainville and we also engaged the PAK front that fired on us in the earlier assault. 1/SS.Pz.Rgt.12 has been ordered back to La Folie to counter any possible British breakthrough in the Cambes-Epron area.


Map of positions at 22:00 Hours, Herouville area.

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