War in the Pacific Admiral’s Edition. Game vs Herb

14th December 1942

SS S-32 reports being heavily damaged by enemy fast transports off Roi-Namur. Her commander was able to send off a massive contact report of many fast, destroyer sized vessels approaching the atoll to the North of Kwajalein. Their presence there can indicate a few things. Most likely a fast resupply of the base there as after the capture of Maloelap any shipping approaching the Marshalls is at risk of attack from Navy dive bombers or USAAF medium bombers. Similarly Liberators from Tarawa and Wake Island can also interdict any enemy ships in the area. It makes sense to use fast transport vessels rather than slower more cumbersome merchants. These APDs could also be either delivering reinforcements or withdrawing units from Roi-Namur. If the latter is true then the enemy is giving up the Marshalls, if it is the former then he intends to dig in deep. Close recon of Jaluit and Majuro suggest no reinforcement and the only aerial unit so far detected has been a small float plane unit at Kwajalein, equipped with Kawanishi E7K (Alf).

Kawanishi E7K seen operating in the Kwajalein area of operations.


Elsewhere the theatre has gone strangely quiet with even radio intercepts being at an all time low. The enemy’s heavy units have not been seen since their intervention at Nauru Island while his carriers were last seen off Aliuk Island heading East, though intell believes he has retreated them to Truk and furthermore they also believe that a lot of the A6M2’s engaged over Lunga last week originated from his flattops. The enemy’s submarines however have made an appearance after months of silence. The Isthmian Cargo Class Steel Scientist broadcasted a Mayday message in the open saying she had been hit by a torpedo and that she was sinking. The signal was sent to the South of Pearl Harbour and to the East of Johnston Island. A second Isthmian Cargo Class ship travelling in the same convoy was not attacked.