Wehrpass Hans Meier

Hans Meier was also awarded the Ost Medaille. The ‘East Medal’, Winterschalcht im Osten, was a highly coveted award that was given by soldiers that had served on the Eastern Front between November 17th 1941 and April 26th 1942. The award criteria was as follows:

  • 14 days served in active combat within the specified area between November 15, 1941 – April 15, 1942
  • 60 days served in specified area between November 15, 1941 – April 15, 1942, non-combat
  • Wounded in action
  • Killed in action (posthumous award)
  • Injury caused by frostbite (or another injury related to the climate) severe enough to warrant the issue of a Wound Badge

As Hans joined his Division in January 1942 he more than met the second criteria for its award. Due to the large numbers of frostbitten cases during this period it was  know as ‘The Order of the Frozen Flesh’ by the troops, unofficially of course! Over 3,000,000 were awarded and a ribbon in red, white and black was won in the same button hole as the ribbon for the Iron Cross Second Class, the Ost Medaille ribbon worn at an angle just below that of the Iron Cross. The award was introduced on the 26th May 1942 and there are a plethora of dates and issuing units on the many Urkunde issued. Here is Hans’:

A photo of Hans’s Medal

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