Wehrpass Hans Meier

The next pages of relevance in the Wehrpass is usually page 12 which details the units the soldier spent his career with. It is largely the information on Page 12 that makes the Wehrpass collectable or not! As we can see from the scan Hans spent his war with Werkstatt Zug 550 and then 566. The Werkstatt Zug was essentially the mobile repair unit of the parent division. Hans’ skills as an auto mechanic in civilian life would have stood him in good stead in his war time service. More detail about the Werkstatt Zug can be found in this article from Lone Sentry. No doubt his services as a driver would have also been employed. Likewise it also explains the award of the War Merit Cross with Swords Second Class. It was a lesser award than say the Iron Cross Second Class but recipients must have been in an area that could have come under direct enemy fire or interdiction to able to qualify for the award. The 16th Infanterie (Mot) Division has a busy war time career and thus Hans would have no doubt been close to action on more than one occasion.

Pages 22 and 23 contain the information about any promotions or awards the soldier received or earned. In Hans’ case page 23 records his two aforementioned awards and their awardng units. Once again we see the stamp with FPN 41944 and the signature of an Oberleutnant (1st LT) authorising the award. His Ostmedaille however seems to have been awarded when he was serving with KW-Trop 666, a unit used for special purposes hence the z.b.v abbreviation you can see in the scan. His promotions record his service as first a driver, then a Gefreiter and then an OberGefreiter. Promotions in the German Army were usually back dated to the first day of any given month in order to facilitate pay.

War in the Pacific Admiral‚Äôs Edition. Game vs Herb

20th December 1942

A dangerous quiet has setlled over the Pacific. Both sides are sitting back, refitting and redploying. Radio Intell Services are awash with rumours of a mighty Japanese operation in the making. Lost of call references of ships in the Truk area, but also messages, lots of messages requesting fuel (Herb told me in an email something BIG was in the offing but a critical fuel situation might still be see it cancelled).

The one enemy arm still with enough fuel and ammo is his submarines. Quiet for months on end they havce suddenly erupted on Allied merchant shipping across the theatre. The following is taken from the games comabt report. For those of you who do not know AE, each game turn produces a set of reports that neatly catalouge all the combat and intell reports and events for one to peruse at leisure. Ofcourse these are subject to FOW.

Submarine attack near Brisbane  at 97,160<BR>

Japanese Ships

      SS RO-64
Allied Ships
      xAK Steel Ranger, Torpedo hits 1,  heavy damage

ASW attack near Adak Island  at 162,52

Japanese Ships

      SS RO-100

Allied Ships


Sub attack near Johnston Island  at 168,118

Japanese Ships

      SS I-6

Allied Ships

      xAK John Adams, Torpedo hits 2,  on fire,  heavy damage

ASW attack near Bombay  at 34,23

Japanese Ships

      SS I-164, hits 6

Allied Ships

      PG Indus

On a happier note Burma Corps were lauded as heroes as they trickled over the Indian Border their ordeal finally at an end.