Invasion ist com. Normandie!

22:00 Hours 8th June 1944


Allied force have engaged our line at various points. Gradual pressure to the North of Caen has meant that our line now lies on the formidable defences on the Northern suburbs of the city. They have, however, been stopped cold due to the massive support of the artillery units on the other side of the Orne and the mobile artillery of the 21st Panzer Division shuttling around Caen to keep the allied air forces guessing where the next deployment would be. On the other side of the theatre Allied para units have been stuck fast in the bocage so characteristic of Normandy. The support given by the heavy weapons platoons has been invaluable. Unfortunately the US 29th Division has been exerting great pressure on the area of Isigny sur Mer. There is a great open flank behind this position and AOK is demanding reinforcements for this area.

Open flank behing Isigny sur Mer. Elements of FJR 5 can be seen racing up the highway


Zum Front! The Normandy lanes and highways are full of units moving to the Front.

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