Invasion ist com. Normandie!

06:00 Hours 9th June 1944


Allied pressure continues against both extremes of the defensive line. In the West American airborne units have been pushed back three times with heavy casualties in the River Mederet sector. In the East, several companies of Special forces units have hit the defensive lines of  SS Panzer Grenadier Regiment 25. Artillery support has broken up several attacks and elements of a commando battalion have been wiped out in the Capriquet area in a daring counter attack led by 1./SS.Pio.Btl.12. In the centre of the line near Balleroy, elements of Panzer Lehr have beaten back and routed elements of the US 1st Division that had gained a meager foothold over the River Drome. They are now digging in by the river bank and are closing the gap in our lines here until the 77th Infanterie Division begins to arrive in force. FJR 5 is also approaching the area to the East of Carentan to also plug gaps in our line that will soon come under pressure from American units breaking out of Utah Beach

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