Invasion ist com. Normandie!

12:00 Hours 9th June 1944

‘Where is the Luftwaffe?’ The most common question on the lips of the landsers across the invasion front. As units struggle to get to the frontlines, Allied fighter bombers reign supreme. Two units of the recently arrived 17th SS Panzer Grenadier Division, Goetz von Berlichingen in particular have been hit hard on the main highway leading from Frougeres to Mortain. One company of the Aufklarer Batallion is down to 65% effectiveness without having fired a shot!

Better news was reported by Panzer Regiment 130 of the Panzer Lehr Division. A combined attack by both its Panzer battalions gave the British 4th Armoured Brigade a very bloody nose at the village of la Belle Epine. Massed Pz IV’s and Panthers destroyed three enemy units and routed another leaving over 50 enemy vehicles burning on the field for minimal loss.

And here is a little Sabaton to accompany the battle!

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