Its here…

Got my pre orders for both XBox and PC yesterday. Couldnt install PC yet becuase Steam claimed the game wasnt released yet, though it already is 11-11-11 on the other side of the globe today so I will try to reinstall later today. I must say that my first impression is amazing. Had a few hours on the XBox last night and visually it is a MASSIVE improvement on Oblivion. Grpahically the game adds a gruffer feel, more atune with its new location and terrain. I love the new weather and the fact that mods like Living Economy from Oblivion have been taken on board. The combat system is now something to enjoy rather than the swing-hit feel of Oblivion. I had a walk around the inital game area, went into a Barrow, thoroughly enjoyed the immersive atmosphere and I am counting down the hours to 15:30 when work is over and I can return to Skyrim. I thank Greys Anatomy for keeping the wife off my back 😉 Hopefully Steam will let me install today because I bought this game for the PC as I strongly believe that the forte of the Elder Scrolls games is its community of modders that have given me endless hours of Morrowind and Oblivion. So by the Eight Divines Steam let me install the damn game.

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