War in the Pacific Admiral’s Edition. Game vs Herb

1st January 1943 (Continued)

IJN cruisers hit Tarawa after messing with a PT squadron that had been stationed there. The PTs had little effect and 5 of them were ultimately sunk in a vain attempt to intercept the bombarding ships. Their shells however had little effect on the airfield despite getting three planes on the ground. All bases are on full alert and we are looking at striking back as and when the opportunity allows.

The weather was closing in fast however and this may have curtailed enemy carrier operations. Contact has been lost with SS Scamp. Its last report stated that it had been hit by a bomb and was seeking refuge in deep water. The worst is feared after the last two report times were not met by the sub. Heavy contacts as well with the destroyer screens around the enemy carriers and capital ships. Luck is surely to shine on at least one or two submarine captains as they duck and dive to find a chink in the Japanese armour!

I am posting the December totals for submarine sinkings and damaged ships from the AE Submarine Reporter tool.


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