Skyrim: First Impressions

Well after three solid days playing Skyrim I feel qualified enough to comment on it.


The Pros

Graphically it is an immenesly beautiful game that has captured the gruff essence of a Scandinavian setting perfectly. Bit disappointed about the lack of DX 11 support, considering I got my new graphics card specifically for Skyrim, but is still a wonderful game graphically.

As with all Elder Scrolls games a lot of effort had gone into the lore and history of the setting of the game. Immersion is a must for me in RPG’s and one can immerse oneself into Skyrim and its lore and people. Bethesda have this dow to a tee!

Elements of the Radiant AI make me enjoy the game more, I got told off by a guard for dropping a mace in the middle of a city saying children may pick it up and thus be a danger (has ‘Elf N Safety invaded Tamriel :O )

So far, less than 10% of the map uncovered, so good in terms of quests and things to do. Im playing a straight fighter class as a first run through before I do my normal role play with a pure mage character.

The fact it runs great on my PC, which I was considering upgrading and I think I ultimately will depending on whats left in the kitty after Christmas.

The Cons

The UI for the PC is too consolish for my liking.

Perks, something new in the games I play though I think I’ll get used to them in the long run.

Removal of a lot of spells and skills, though this started in Oblivion (Morrowind I guess is still the Holy Grail of RPG’s).

Handling of Factions, I was a big fan of how you could track your progress in them in MW and OB.


That said I would reccomend this game to one and all if you are into the RPG genre. This game, I feel, will attain legendary status once the Construction Kit is released and the best mod community in the world gets its hand on it.