War in the Pacific Admiral’s Edition. Game vs Herb

21st January 1943


Units of the Americal Division had started to mop up around Merauke securing the base enough for support units to start disembarking. BY early afternoon USAAF fighters were already being based at Merauke supplementing efforts from bases further afield. An enemy unit, identified as the 47th Naval Guards, was completely wiped out after its HQ detachment charged, with bayonets drawn, American lines. Upon inspection of the dead it was found that the chambers of their rifles were empty. What folly, but what bravery!

Japanese raiders have been spotted in the Indian Ocean. Mayday from a transport being attacked by float planes near Diego Garcia were received by the RN station there. Upto 12 short ranged float planes were reported as diving on the sinking vessel dropping small calibre bombs. Clearly such a large number means something large than a submarine is loose in our shipping lanes and intelligence believes it is the Chitose. Eastern Fleet at Colombo have taken up the gauntlet and the chase is on!

The frontlines as of 21-1-1943