War in the Pacific Admiral’s Edition. Game vs Herb.

22nd January 1943

It was the happy time as the submarines were want to call it. For the first time in the war the tonnage sunk by subamarines had risen above 100,000 tons in one month, well in the first three weeks of one month. It seemed that someone in the War Department had heeded all those reports of misfiring torpedes and had instructed the Munitions Department to do something about it. So far, roughly a 20% drop in dud hits had been reported and in excess of 30 ships hit or sunk. A remarkable success rate.

Two packs hunted off the Home Islands and the routes in and out of Tokyo. At first, confident of the faulty torpedoes, convoys were either lightly escorted or not escorte at all! Our boats wrecked havoc. But a change in enemy strategy has been identified. More and more aircraft were spotted flying low and actively looking for submarines. As of the 21st more and more fleet destroyers were seen prowling the seas in what seemed to be dedicated hunter-killer task forces. Already the SS Wahoo had failed to meet its last two report times and its feared she has been lost. SUBCOMPAC will need to reassess its options if the enemy strategy has changed.