Skyrim Patch Issues

Well Bethesda seems to have seriously messed up with the latest patch for Skyrim for PC users.
First of all if any Skyrim players on the PC read this get your Steam to run in OFFLINE MODE ASAP. This will stop the patch downloading automatically and updating your game. Remember that having Steam running in the background will also mean the patch is downloading. Setting the game to not patch automatically WILL NOT stop the patch downloading. Should you download the patch the issues range from the truly bizarre, dragons flying backwards, to the game breaking, magic resistances not working and armour DR totally messed up.

A truly disappointing, and frankly annoying, outcome to the most anticiapted game for a LONNNGGGGGGGG time. Keep on checking the various troubleshooting Skyrim forums for updates. Luckily for me I was able to get Steam running offline before the patch went live thus I am still safely running version 1.1.21. Good luck!


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