War in the Pacific Admiral’s Edition. Game vs Herb

End of January Sit Rep

A very good month for the Silent Service with 189,788 tons of enemy shipping either sunk or damaged, the crowning glory of which was the Sunfish’s attack on the Kaga. This brave vessel, however, is missing in action presumed sunk. Her last report indicated she was shadowing Kaga’s sister, Akagi, into the anchorage at Babeldoab. She is now five days overdue and it is feared she met her fate in the shallow waters surrounding that island. Our submariners have forced the enemy to redeploy his convoy routes as the early days in February have yielded just three attacks. Captains have been ordered to scour the ocean near the Home Islands for the new routes and to persue their targets with more aggression!

The recapture of Merauke for little initial loss, though a number of small LCVPs and two medium sized transports have been lost post with, was a great success and support from Horn Island and heavies based on the Australian mainland will keep Merauke fighting. Japanese reaction is expected and the building of fortifications is taking priority in the main base area.

January's harvest!

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