War in the Pacific Admiral’s Edition. Game vs Herb

27th February 1943

Just to continue their recent form in radio interception and gleaming intelligence from careless enemy radio operators, Commander Rochefort’s unit once again hit the jackpot by establishing the location of the enemy battleship Kirishima yesterday. Her call sign was located to the east of Ponape and her course was set as due East. As such the bases in the Lower Marshalls were alerted and search vectors changed to cover any prospective enemy approach.

As such it was the Catalina’s from Nauru Island that next stumbled upon the Japanese ships. Three different planes were able to fire off sighting and heading reports at three different times on the morning of the 27th February. The Kirishima was now joined by a much larger force of Japanese shipping. 3 carriers, a float plane carrier, several cruisers and destroyers had been sighted roughly on a 25 degree bearing from Nauru Island and steaming roughly in a south easterly direction. It is strongly believed that these ships are the ones engaged by the Trigger off Marcus Island a few days ago. Confirmation of enemy carriers was made by a patrolling submarine reporting that she had damaged a B5N2 that was on patrol near the environs of Kusaie Island. What would the 1st of March bring?


Herb and I have updated our game to the latest Beta Patch version that can be found in this thread in the Matrix Forums. Lots of work has gone into this on a voluntary basis by michealm and it makes massive improvements in the game. The search arc seem to have been fixed and there is a plethora of new informative messages that add to the immersion, crucial for me in a game. Most of the in game screens have been amended and a lot of extra info is now placed on the unit and base screens. Some cool graphical bits have also been added, such as getting plumes of smoke and fire in the air bombardment screen when attacking ground targets!!!!