Manchester United 3 Bolton Wanderers 0

Match corresponding to the Premier League and played at Old Trafford.

Paul Scholes made his second home debut, and true to the script scored the first of United’s three goals. Lindegaard kept goal once again and he wasn’t really tested as United dominated the match from the kick off. Bolton proved that they are a poor team and no manner of screaming and yelling by Owen Coyle is going to improve the quality shown by his players. One of those players, Zat Knight, fouled Danny Welbeck in the box and surprisingly was not sent off as Welbeck was sure to shoot and score. Rooney stepped up and shot hard and to the left but the Bolton goalkeeper pulled off an excellent save and unlike at City during the cup tie the rebound went wide. Cue United dominating the match but unable to score. Bolton for their part showed a total lack of ability to captialize on thier minimal chances. Scholes, however, was on hand one minute before half time to score United’s first. The second half started where the first left off. United dominant but not having the cut of the green in front of goal. That was until Welbeck poked in a second, which resulted in an injury. Carrick then placed a beautiful shot beyond the Bolton keeper who was easily their man of the match. With Spurs being held to a draw at White Hart Lane United are now level at the top of the league with City that play against Wigan Athletic on Monday.

Manchester United Team

34 Anders Lindegaard

3   Patrice Evra

5   Rio Ferdinand

6   Johnny Evans

21 Rafael

17 Nani

22 Paul Scholes (Goal)

16 Micheal Carrick (Goal)

25 Antonio Valencia

10 Wayne Rooney

19 Danny Welbeck (Goal)


Ji Sung Park for Nani

Ryan Giggs for Paul Scholes

Javier ‘Chicharito’ Hernandez for Danny Welbeck

War in the Pacific Admiral’s Edition. Game vs Herb

1st March 1943

More detail and intelligence has been gathered on the Japanese ships steaming SE past Kusaie Island. SS Gunard reports spotting two heavy cruisers suspected of being the Chikuma and the Tone. Aerial search has also confirmed the presence of the battleship Hiei, making that at least two enemy battlewagons in the area. The presence of enemy carriers was also confirmed by a B-24 on naval search that was chased off by an A6M carrier variant. The position of the enemy ships has not changed since yesterday. CENPAC HQ believes the enemy suspects an attack on Kwajalein and Roi-Namur and as such is positioning its ships to counter any such move. Submarines around Truk and the Marianas have been ordered to flood the area near Kusaie Island and to engage all and any ships sighted.

Meanwhile in Burma something is definitely up. Four enemy divisions, some of high quality, have been identified on the India-Burma border. A fifth one is possible making its way West from Katha. SEAC HQ is pondering what this may mean. Are the Japs reinforcing their defensive jungle line? Or is something else afoot? Daily recon flights over Imphal and Silchar have increased in frequency and a large number of artillery units have been seen moving into jungle trails after disembarking from river barges. The RAF and the USAAF in the India-Burma area has just bee refitted and is fresh and eager for a fight. Bomber units have been tasked with the mission of harassing enemy movements when possible. Reinforcements are being railed to the area just in case. These movements inland coincide with an increased IJN presence in the Bay of Bengal. Submarines have struck off Diamond Harbour and Colombo in recent days and an outgoing convoy reported the sighting of unfriendly vessels on the horizon. A light cruiser was also spotted at Akyab Island…something is definitely afoot!

Japanese Divisions in the India-Burma Border Area

Sub Warfare Report for February 1943

The Silent Service once again excelled itself during February. There were 40 recorded successful (6 down from January) attacks on enemy ships accounting for the sinking or damaging of 158,941 tons of enemy shipping (7,000 tons more than January). The crowning achievement goes to the SS Trigger that crippled the HIJMS Shokaku on the 22nd February.

Scorers during Feb 1943