War in the Pacific Admiral’s Edition. Game vs Herb

19th March 1943

A sad, sad day for the Silent Service as the pride of the Fleet, the SS Pogy was sunk off the coast off Japan near Tsushima her very own Happy Hunting Ground. Responsible for the sinking of 8 enemy vessels totalling 34,788 tons her last report (dated 18-3-43) stated she was following a large convoy amid heavy maritime traffic entering the Sea of Japan. It is feared that the Pogy went down with all hands…God Speed. Read about the real Pogy here.

The Royal Navy, however, got sweet revenge on the part of the USN by the sinking of an I-Boat off Diamond Harbour. One no doubt that was involved in the attacks on merchant shipping transiting to and from Calcutta.

Japanese movements have also been spotted in Eastern Timor as Beaufighters of the RAAF bombed two small enemy transport vessels unloading cargo at Lautem. Intell had already pinpointed enemy movements into this area and units had been on alert to strike any enemy ships approaching. Patrolling submarines have been ordered to aggressively patrol the approaches to Timor.

A second attack was also made on the defensive positions to the East of Nanyang and once again they held back the Japanese assaults. More worrying is the cutting off of Loyang by Japanese tank units that cut off the road from Sian. A potenitally very dangerous situation.

Ingame combat report of actions to East of Nanyang

Ground combat at 86,45 (near Nanyang)

Japanese Deliberate attack

Attacking force 73889 troops, 842 guns, 183 vehicles, Assault Value = 2244

Defending force 48126 troops, 272 guns, 0 vehicles, Assault Value = 1744

Japanese adjusted assault: 1035

Allied adjusted defense: 611

Japanese assault odds: 1 to 1

Combat modifiers
Defender: experience(-), supply(-)

Japanese ground losses:
4374 casualties reported
Squads: 170 destroyed, 191 disabled
Non Combat: 2 destroyed, 48 disabled
Engineers: 18 destroyed, 17 disabled

Allied ground losses:
1439 casualties reported
Squads: 19 destroyed, 276 disabled
Non Combat: 4 destroyed, 77 disabled
Engineers: 2 destroyed, 9 disabled
Guns lost 44 (2 destroyed, 42 disabled)