Chelsea 3 Manchester United 3

Match corresponding to the Premier League played at Stamford Bridge.

Another roller coaster courtesy of Manchester United. Having played better than Chelsea for 55 minutes United found themselves 3-0 down due to two own goals and a spectacular goal scored by Juan Mata, a truly spectacular left footed volley from a Torres cross. United had played much better in the first half, had more of the ball, played better and had two strong legitimate penalty shouts turned down by Howard Webb. Chelsea’s first goal came from unforgivable defending by Patrice Evra who allowed Daniel Sturridge to ghost past him and cross the ball from the by line. De Gea stuck out a leg to stop the ball going into the danger area but it struck Johnny Evans and it fell into the net. United cursing their luck after the non giving of the penalty and the own goal. The second half had just started when Mata blasted Chelsea’s second. David Luis then had a header fool De Gea after it took a crucial deflection off Rio Ferdinandand into the back of the net. Game over, or so we thought. Patrice Evra was then fouled in the Chelsea area and Rooney scored from the spot. Minutes later Danny Welbeck is tripped over by Ivanovic, a somewhat dubious decision but there is definite contact by the defenderon the forward. Rooney puts the ball past Cech, this time to the opposite side of his first. United’s third was a classic Chicharito goal. Giggs sends in a cross from near the corner flag but the wee Mexican’s movement in the box is a  lesson on how a forward should leave centre halves dead in the ground. A small step forward gives  him the two feet of space he needed to rse up and put in a peach of header to draw the game 3-3! David Luis was left to shake his shaggy mane in disbelief. David De Gea then shut up his legion of critics with tremendous save of a Mata free kick that was travelling like an Exocet into the top left hand corner of the goal. A great match and a great advert for the Premier League, though I am sure Chelsea fans would not be too happy with Howard Webb!

Manchester United Team

1   David De Gea

3   Patrice Evra

5   Rio Ferdinand

6   Johnny Evans

21 Rafael

18 Ashley Young

11 Ryan Giggs

16 Micheal Carrick

25 Antonio Valencia

10 Wayne Rooney (2 goals/2 Penalties)

19 Danny Welbeck


Javier ‘Chicharito’ Hernandez (Goal) for Ashley Valencia

Paul Scholes for Rafael

Ji Sung Park for Danny Welbeck

War in the Pacific Admiral’s Edition. Game vs Herb

21st March 1943

A day that may be pivotal in the air war over Burma. Ki-43 IIa’s escorted around 30 Betty bombers in a raid over Calcuta harbour targetting a large resupply transport that had arrived yesterday evening. As Japanese planes had already successfully attacked and sank ships in Calcutta a large CAP of fighters, both RAF and USAAF were up in the air protecting the ships as they unloaded supplies. Radar stations all along the coast were picking up the raid and giving plenty of early warning to the fighter fields around Calcutta. RAF Hurricanes and P-38’s took the high stations between 18,000 and 20,000 feet while USAAF P-40’s were flying the 13,000 shift. The first contact with the enemy came at 10:15 am when P-40’s swooped down on 8 Ki-43’s that were flying in at around 8,000 feet. The bounce was spectacular and 5 enemy planes had been shot down before the Japanese pilots could even react. These 8 planes were a vanguard for another 16 Oscars escorting 33 G4M1’s, some carrying sleek torpedoes on their fuselages. This was the moment the Hurricanes and Lightnings were waiting for as they tore into the enemy fighter formation with their 20mm cannons. Fighter jocks, being fighter jocks however ignored the bombers until too late. Only two of the Betty’s were shot down over the harbour as one 4,000 ton ship went down after being hit with two torpedoes. The return journey however was not so easy for the bomber pilots as 17 of their number were shot down as they tranisted south, the last four remaing escorts were easily dealt with by the P-40’s. Observers by days end had tallied 43 enemy planes confirmed shot down whereas no American or British fighter had been lost.

Just off the Australian coast however, Japanese crusiers once again pumelled Bathurst Island. As of yet no counter has been able to be found to these raids. Though a dedicated night time naval attack sqaudron did manage to get some licks in! The need to counter the threast from Japanese bases in Timor and the DEI’s has forced General Blamey to call an all branches conference to discuss immediate strategy.