War in the Pacific Admiral’s Edition. Game vs Herb

2nd April 1943


Japanese incursions over the Xiang River were brought to a bloody conclusion today as Chinese units from the Southern Army, routed the Japanese 23rd Independent Mixed Brigade back across the river. Three additional Corps, reinforced the 3rd Corps that had initially held the river crossing. Vastly outnumbered the Japanese troops were put to flight with many of their uniformed bodies left floating downstream on the river. The victory was a massive morale booster and the Generalissimo heaped great praise on the commanding General of the 23rd Group Army responsible first for the defence and then the counter attack. As such the railway between Kweilin and Henyang is once again clear of enemy troops ensuing the flow of supplies.

News of the victory were tempered by the news of a renewed Japanese attack on Chengchow. Three Japanese divisions, supported by an armoured regiment and an armoured car battalion, made great headway into the city centre in bloody house to house fighting. The Chinese units in the city know they are cut off but are writing a bloody, but glorious, page in China’s martial history as they hold the IJA while a strong defensive line is being constructed to the West. Half the city is now under enemy control and reports are coming in of fighting in the sewers and of buildings that are divided by floor into zones of occupation, Japanese and Chinese like some sort of deadly cake. Relief is impossible but China will not let the sacrifice of these brave soldiers be in vain!

Finally a map of the frontlines as of 2-41943


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