War in the Pacific Admiral’s Edition. Game vs Herb

Operation Cobber D-Day +1

Troops continue to unload at Port Moresby. Japanese reaction has started in the shape of midget submarines. The various ASW screens have reported the sinking of at least three enemy submarines as they tried to penetrate towards the main invasion fleet. USN destroyers accounted for two while RAN minesweepers reported the sinking of a third. Post action investigation concluded the subs must have been the same type of midget submarine found during the attack on Pearl Harbour. A fourth midget submarine was found run ashore to the West of Port Moresby. More on Japanese midget subs here.

The attack transport Titania, however, was not so fortunate, she was carrying stocks of artillery and tank shells when she was struck by two torpedoes as she made the shore line. The first torpedo strcuk her stern, but the second one hit amidships and set off a large cache of high explosive 75mm shells that had been destined for the barrels of the General Grants of the 2/5 Armoured. She blew up in a spectacular fireball and sunk a few minutes later. The first and so far only casualty of Operation Cobber. Japanese air power was once again absent over the skies of Port Moresby…