War in the Pacific Admiral’s Edition. Game vs Herb

April 10th 1943

Operation Cobber D-Day +5

Australia Command was pleased to report today the recapture of Port Moresby from Japanese forces. The operation was successfully concluded on the morning of the 10th April following a third assault by the 1st Australian Division. Japanese unites defending the Northern end of Port Moresby were routed and put to flight into the Kokoda Tail and the unforgiving terrain of the Owen Stanley Mountains. Australian troops are now back on soil they occupied a year ago and the focus now centres on consolidating our position in Port Moresby and repairing the port and airfield installations. General MacArthur is well aware of the isolated position Port Moresby is facing but a second toe hold on New Guinea was essential. High hopes are now centred on a feint that has blossomed into a very welcome opportunity in the form of Operation Wisp. For now Australia’s men can bask in the glory of their achievement, obtained at the cost of three ships and very casualties on land.


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