GoT: Review of Storm of Swords Part One

The hectic action continues apace. A solid book that picks up where A Clash of Kings left off and true to Martin’s style it is strongly steeped in violent encounters, ravishing lust and twisting, snaking plot lines. Some major players come back on the scene, Tywin Lannister for example, and others have their storylines further developed and greatly enhanced, Daenerys Targaryen. Martin does have a penchant for compicating his plots however, yet he writes in such a style that the reader can follow the twists and turns quite easily. Arya’s storyline for example had me flicking through the chapters looking specifically for those dealing with her storyline in particular.

I feel that Jon Snow’s character also takes a massive step forward in Storm of Sword part one. I read in another blog that Jon is regarded as one character that can clearly be defined as ‘good’ and this made him a somewhat unpopular character. I on the other hand was drawn to his sense of duty and honour, further compounded by Book Three part two. We also get to see his more human side as he falls for the wildling girl. Truly his star is on the rise in this third book and I do hope his is not killed off as a large number of the main characters seem to be.

As somehwhat of a spoiler for part two, I was glad that Catelyn Stark was finlly got rid off as it was a character I hated. Impulsive and manipulative there is a scene in part two where her son Robb firmly puts her in her place. More about that in the review for book two, I have roughly about 120 pages of that one left. But once again it is Tyrion Lanniester that rises above all as a ginat, depsite his stature. I think Martin has certainly hit the bullseye by making this dwarf his fulcrum of so many story plots. Sometimes odious yet sometimes easy to sympathise with. He is well aware of his role in the Lannister family yet he clearly loves his House and would certainly enjoy some positive attention or notice from his Father. Surviving on his wit and guile we see flashes of a softer, dare I say nobler side to him. He is currently in a massive pickle in Part Two but I am sure that he will wriggle his way out of the dark hole he is in!

This brings me to the one character who is developed the most and I must admit, despite being the character I liked the least in the HBO series, one that I have enjoyed being developed: Jamie Lannister. For the first time his character becomes a POV character. Martin develops him as more that the lustful, ruthless individual we see in Books 1 and 2. His crippling by the Bloody Mummers humbles him somewhat and we begin to see some of the knightly honour he possesses in his thawing attitudes to Brienne of Tarth. Though he makes it to King’s Landing and reverts to his incestuous leanings, he does stand up quick strongly to his Father. I am hopeful Jaime Lannister’s development will continue.

The plot is gradually moved on but it is quite tiresome to have ‘yet another’ twist and turn every other chapter, when is Arya’s saga going to end for example. Martin’s writing is still top notch in Book three and I am quickly coming to the point in the series when one reviewer criticised Martin for elongating his tale. I understand the series was meant to be a trilogy, and certainly Book 2 reads as the middle of a trilogy, so I eager to find out how Book 3 finishes. There are several points in Book 3 where one gets the hint of the story coming to an end only for another twist to open. Book four and Book 5 (parts one and two) will be arriving at the end of March so I will wait patiently to see how the saga evolves. So far still a thumbs up but wishing for less twists and turns.

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