War in the Pacific Admiral’s Edition. Game vs Herb

27th April 1943

It was business as usual for American and Japanese pilots over Lunga and KiraKira today. One set would fly south east to either escort bombers or drop bombs, the other would fly north west to intercept and protect their comrades in arms on the ground. Today however Japanese pilots would meet a gull winged fighter they had never seen before. Though it had been in service for a number of weeks now the Vought F4U-1 Corsair made its operational début today over the skies of Lunga and KiraKira. VMF-214 was the first Marine front line unit to have received the fighter as it trained up. It traded in its F4F-4’s and began to get acquainted with their new steed. It was fast, sleek and despite its somewhat ungainly appeareance hardier than the Wildcat. Today it claimed its first kills of the war. Its pilots had the mission to cover landings at KiraKira as well as supplementing the LRCAP the 39th Fighter Squadron was maintaining over Lunga. The morning sortie saw the Corsair over KiraKira but it did not engage the 5 B5N2’s that attacked American ships there, all 5 fell to the guns of the Wildcats of VMF-212. The Corsair however did prove its worth over Lunga in the afternoon when they accounted for 6 Ki-43-IIs. None were lost and morale among the squadron soared. 6 kills for no loss of pilots or machines. Read about the Corsair here. Japan lost another 19 fighters and 7 bombers over the Solomon Islands today.


LT K.Ferguson gets the Corsair's first air to air kill of the war over Lunga Point.


The IJN was also intent in repeating its successful surface sweeps of Lunga and KiraKira. An intensive aerial search patrol effort is being maintained over the main battle area and two separate columns of Japanese light cruisers and destroyers have been seen spotted nearing ‘The Slot’ and steaming SE past Munda. Hopefully the IJN will not have such an easy ride as the last time they swept these anchorages…

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