War in the Pacific Admiral’s Edition. Game vs Herb

5th May 1943

Somewhat of a lull falls over the battle zones. The redeployment of the Japanese fleet away from the Southern Solomons has been confirmed today by the SS Blackfish. Her skipper reported attacking and hitting the enemy carrier Hiryu near the Caroline Islands. Alas the Blackfish was carrying the older type torpedoes that had so plagued the submarine fleet with duds earlier in the war. Her sonar man detected to definite hits on the hull of the enemy aircraft carrier but no subsequent explosion. The last heard of the Blackfish was that she was continuing to shadow the enemy.

Similar news from the SS Tullibee on station just off Tokyo. She reported two sightings of a large enemy task force on a south easterly heading. She initially engaged and missed a heavy cruiser. She was not detected and continued to prowl. Her skipper’s perseverance paid off however as he second target sailed into her sights. A new type of small carrier was hit by a dud. Her last report stated she had been attacked by depth charge but had received no damage of note. She was proceeding with patrol and following the enemy task force.