Skyrim: A New Life

Half an hour later Se’rith’s journey was disrupted by a bone chilling howl coming from the mountain side to the West. Lifting up her cowled head she could barley make out the outline of a small wolf, silhouetted against the midday sun. The wolf seemed to be stalking a small mountain goat bleating its way up the slope but it soon turned its head towards Se’rith as it caught her scent on the wind. With a growl it leapt down towards the Dunmer sensing a heftier meal!

Se’rith unholstered her iron mace, a rather ungainly weapon she had managed to ‘borrow’ of the Master at Arms of the ship that bore her to Skyrim, and called forth the power of her magic into her left hand. The palm and fingers of said hand were soon crowned in forked and spitting lightning. Gathering her thoughts she mustered the words of power and directed a powerful bolt towards the hurtling wolf. It hit the animal squarely on the snout, the coarse smell of burning flesh and fur soon assaulted Se’rith’s nostrils. She was unable to get off a second blast as the beast was soon upon her, gnashing its teeth against her left arm. As she raised her arm to protect herself, she wheeled her body around to deliver a solid blow on the wolf’s head. She must have hit it hard as it stumbled for a brief second, seemingly shaking its head to clear its mind ready for action. That second was the only the Dumner needed. A second bolt of lighting left her fingers and this time scored a deep telling hit on the beast’s flank. It flew briefly through the air before landing with a whimper several meters away. Se’rith held her defensive stance for a few seconds but the only movement coming from her enemy were the wisps of smoke coming from the mortal wound in its side. She had her first victory in Skyrim and despite the strain on her resources, that last bolt had depleted her energy, she could feel the link to the magic weaken, she felt an immense sense of pride and achievement.

OT- the Young Adult Wolf that Se’rith saw off comes as part of the 490 new animal type and variants added by Nedius’s Real Wildlife. A highly recommendable mod that adds the animal variants as well as new food and ingredient types.

As she walked away from the dead animal the College of Winterhold came into full view as it sat majestically atop the cliffs of Hsaarik Head overlooking the Sea of Ghosts. She had almost arrived at her destination and what she hoped would be the start of a new life.

OT – I am using Calientes Body Mod for Se’rith as well as Killer Keos’s Skimpy Armour for CBBE mod. This adds some revealing female outfits for the CBBE mod. If anyone is wondering I am also using the Skyrim HD 2K textures.


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