Skyrim: A New Life

Se’rith finally walked into Winterhold amidst a heavy snowfall to find a ghost town. Several burnt out and destroyed buildings gathered at the foot of the entrance to the College of Magic. A small inn just inside the village entrance provided her with some warmth and shelter as she nibbled on something to eat. She felt rather dizzy and her left arm seemed to burn. That damned wolf must have infected her with something. Hopefully there would be someone in the college that could help her out. After a few minutes composure she talked to a few of the locals and to a former member of the College that had now set himself up in the inn, the Frozen Hearth. It seemed that Winterhold had suffered some great mishap but as of yet none of the locals had told her what. As such she bid the innkeeper farewell and headed to the College entrance.

A steep, snow covered ramp led to a stone bridge that covered the chasm between Winterhold and the College. Se’rith took her first step on the ramp with great trepidation and excitement. T His was it, what she had sought for and longed for on the long nights during the sea journey to Skyrim. Acceptance into a proper magic school and seek the tuition to nurture her blossoming magical power.

Awaiting her atop the ramp was a High Elf. Se’rith immediately stiffened, was she one of those bastard Thalmor. She started to call forth her magic but the High Elf soon proved to be a member of the College tasked with guarding its entrance. Her name was Faralda and she stated that the way forward was barred to anyone wishing harm on the College. In a formal, but cold tone she asked Se’rith what her intentions were to which she replied that she sought to investigate the mysteries of Aetherius and develop a knowledge of magic. Se’rith poured her soul into her answer and her passion for the Art clearly impressed Faralda who then asked for a demonstration of Se’rith’s mastery of the Art. The task was simple, to cast a healing spell on her. Though Se’rith had focussed her early training on destructive magic all mages were taught the most basic of cantrips and incantations of the other schools. She sought deep inside her and soon both her hands were bathed in golden, soothing light. As she touched Faralda she felt the positive energy from her magic flow into the elf who smiled and nodded her acceptance.

She beckoned Se’rith to follow as she turned away and walked across the wind and snow swept bridge. The waves of the Sea of Ghosts crashed mercilessly against the base of the cliffs far below but Se’rith did not notice as she kept her gaze on the walls of the college as they got closer. Faralda stopped on three occasions along the way casting a light spell into three braziers. As the light of her spell floated over the braziers a beam of pure blue energy shot into the grey skies and disappeared into the heavens. She stopped at the main gate and instructed Se’rith to seek out Mirabelle Ervine within the confines of the College. Without further word she turned back the way she came to resume her vigil atop the entrance ramp.

Taking a deep breath Se’rith took a step forward and was through the great arch that led into the courtyard of the College. A circular courtyard surrounded by arched cloisters acted as a foyer. Dominating this open space stood a fourth brazier, also spewing pure blue energy, and a massive statue of a robed mage caught in the act of spell weaving. Despite the awe she felt, Se’rith felt at home for the first time since leaving Morrowind all those weeks ago.


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