Skyrim: A New Life

Se’rith paused outside the mine she had just stumbled upon, just a bit further on down the road to Winterhold from the fort she was set upon. The position of the sun in the sky suggested it was more or less midday. As  such she sat down on the stump of a tree trunk just to the side of the mine entrance and dug into her pack for an apple. As she sat on the stump and gazed out onto the Sea of Ghosts she was alerted to the sound of footsteps coming up the road. Her initial wariness soon subsided when she realised that the footsteps belonged to a very friendly Winterhold Guard. He certainly posed an imposing figure in his fur lined armour and a quiver of flawlessly fletched arrows on his back. After enquiring as to Se’rith’s motives for being at the mine entrance he bid he goodbye and told her the college was only about an hours walk further down the road. The Dumner reciprocated the farewell and was left with a much better second impression of the Nords after her experiences at Windhelm! She watched the guard march further up the road and noticed a sigil on the cloak he wore over his armour.

OT – The armour and weapons the Guard carries and wears come from Noodles’ Cloaks of Skyrim mod and the Lore Friendly Armour Pack mod by rahman530. The former adds a varied selections of cloaks across the world and each town’s guards also have their town sigil on the cloak. The latter adds a plethora of armours and weapons with a distinctive ‘Northern’ feel to them.

Se’rith sated her hunger with a small snack of bread and apple washed down with some clear, refreshing spring water. Taking one more moment to savour the view she gathered her belongings and once more set on the road to Winterhold.

OT – The screenie shows part of Imps More Complex Needs mod. It adds a massive amount of immersion to the game as it records and tracks the need to eat and drink throughout the game. Each type of food has its own nutritional value and each type of food and drink will have a different effect on the character’s body. It comes with nifty eating animations as well. Caters for blood intake for vampire characters as well!


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