Skyrim: A New Life

As the awe of finally being in the College wore off Se’rith noticed a human female in earnest conversation with a High Elf in Thalmor robes. Had those bastards got their claws even into the College itself? As she approached she heard the female tell the elf in no uncertain terms that the College would not bend knee like the Empire had been forced to do. With a huff and a gruff nod the Thalmor walked away and into the main building. Spotting Se’rith the human turned and introduced herself as Mirabelle Ervine, the one individual Faralda asked her to seek out. Se’rith gathered her wits about her and introduced herself to Mirabelle. She was pleased to know that Se’rith sought entry into the College and her timing could not have been better as a certain Tolfdir was lecturing the latest batch of apprentices. Se’rith was instructed to join said group but not before a brief tour. Mirabelle also handed Se’rith more suitable garments to the ones she was currently wearing. As she touched the new garments she could feel the inherent magic enchanted into them. Her heart soared.

Mirabelle then beckoned Se’rith to follow her to the Apprentice’s Quarters called The Hall of Attainment. She continued by saying that all Apprentices lived together and that several rules needed to be observed. Silence was to be kept at all times as most apprentices were engaged in study or in magical experimentations of some sort. Se’rith was taken into a sparesely decorated, but warm room and instructed by Mirabelle that these would be her quarters and that she would share the living space with the other initiates. Se’rith smiled and nodded in understanding. The bed looked comfortable and there was a small desk for her to carry out her studies. Several instruments that would be of help in magical research and study were also dotted around the room. Mirabelle then left the Hall of Attainment and told the Dunmer to head into the main building were Tolfdir and other apprentices awaited.

Se'rith's quarters in the Hall of Attainment


Tolfdir proved to be an old man and was lecturing a gathered group of apprentices about the proper use of magic and the responsibility one had when weaving such power. The gathered apprentices seemed impatient to show Tolfdir what they were capable of but Se’rith could not help but agree with the old man. Magic needed to be harnessed and controlled and one should not get lost in the promise of power. There was another Dunmer in the group, a female named Brelyne, as well as a male Khajit called J’zargo and a large Nord male called Onmund.

They pressed Tolfdir for a more active lesson and with some reluctance he conceded. He lectured on the safety and how a mage must first look to protect himself before engaging in attack. His gaze swept around the group until his eyes fell on Se’rith. ‘You are going to help me young one,’ he said. ‘Do you know any ward spells?’ Se’rith did not know any ward spells but Tolfdir reassured her and told her not to worry and to ignore the sniggers coming from the others. Basic ward spells are easy to learn and as such Tolfdir handed over a small scroll with the necessary words of power for the Lesser Ward spell. As Se’rith read the words the ink faded in wisps of smoke as she committed the words to memory and there in her brain resided a new spell. One that would provide a small shield against weak elemental spells. With a gesture Tolfdir indicated that Se’rith was to cast the Ward. She closed her eyes and fell into herself, the path to the new spell was a new one as it was of a new school different to the destruction spells she was more familiar with. Uttering the words of power a shimmering force field erupted from her left hand to cover the front of her body akin to how a warrior holds his shield. Tolfdir nodded his approval and without warning launched a small wave of fire. Se’rith reacted instantly and took a step back but was amazed and pleasantly surprised to see the magical fire burst harmlessly against her ward! Tolfdir clapped and praised the dark elf, her self esteem rising after the initial shame of not knowing the spell.

Tolfdir then announced that as apprentices they would serve the College by assisting in  the exploration and recording of an ancient Nord ruin called Saarthal. He indicated that they were to meet there in a few hours and Se’rith hoped to use that time to explore the College somewhat and to see if someone could help with her affliction. Casting that ward should not have worn her out so much.


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