Skyrim: A New Life

Se’rith was in awe as she walked around the College getting to grips with her new home. On the other side of the Hall of Elements she bumped into the Archmage himself. Apologising clumsily, she was happy to note that the Archmage was a fellow Dunmer and was willing to spend some time chatting to the new novice. He told Se’rith of the disaster that afflicted the city of Winterhold, the Great Collapse as it was known. A natural event that some believe was a by product of the eruption of Red Mountain in Morrowind. The Archmage told her how massive waves had crashed against the cliffs battering the city. Entire districts were washed away and what remained once the storms subsided was a mere shell of what once was. Locals remained very suspicious of the College as it was left largely unscathed by the battering making the already magic phobic Nords even more wary of magic users. Indeed local lore lay the blame at the feet of the wizards of the college.

On the second floor of the Hall of Elements Se’rith found the Arcaneum or the College’s library. She revelled in the smell of candle smoke and musty books and was rather surprised to find an orc, who introduced himself as Urag-Go-Shub, as librarian. Though in true orc fashion threatened violence if his books were not cared for. Yet for all his gruffness he proved to be an amiable chatter and pointed out that Se’rith looked to be showing the symptoms of Bone Break Fever, which may explain why she was always feeling so damned tired! That wolf had a lot to answer for! Urag also provided her with a small note as he was always interested in acquiring more books for the Arcaneum., especially rare or lost titles. He had heard of rumours of one particular title in a ruin somewhere but claimed his adventuring days were over and it was time for a younger mage to carry on. Though Se’rith had not even agreed to search for the book she took the note anyway not wanting to fall foul of the orc!

The Arcaneum, College of Winterhold.

She wandered the halls of the Arcaneum picking up a book here and there but she settled on two before she sat down. Her first read was the Explorers Guide to Skyrim. A very informative book that instantly perked her interest with mention of the Guardian Stones to the north of a place called Helgen. She made a mental note of asking Mirabelle or Tolfdir to provide her with a map of Skyrim at the next possible chance. She devoured the book and also delved into her second choice, The Holds of Skyrim (interestingly an edition specifically for the officers in the Imperial Legion). Skyrim had nine holds of differing size. She noted that Solitude in the Haafingar Hold was the seat of Imperial power whereas Windhelm seemed to be the seat of power of the Stormcloaks, the Nord element rebelling against the Empire. Having already been at the city she was in no hurry to go back as a Dunmer or a loyal citizen of the Empire.

Having lost herself in her reading she was surprised to find the Arcaneum deathly quiet. Moving down into the Hall of Elements she also found that empty and quiet. Leaving the main building she realised why. Night had fallen and she had not even noticed so engrossed was she in her reading. She made her way to her quarters in the Hall of Attainment and went to bed content. On the morrow she would seek out an alchemist in the College and see what she could do about her affliction and then head out to Saarthal.



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