Skyrim: A New Life

Se’rith awoke and satiated her hunger by breaking fast with some bread and water. She then went on a fruitless search for an alchemist to aid her with the Bone Break Fever she had contracted. Mindful of the meeting with Tolfdir she made up her mind to head to Saarthal before she incurred the wrath of her new mentor. She left the College and took a winding path that rose into the hills above Winterhold. The wind and the snow whistled past her ears as she battled against the elements. Visibility was greatly reduced as the wind whipped the snow into a maelstrom. Such was the lack of visibility that Se’rith did not see the first wolf that attacked her until she heard the growling and gnashing of teeth. The shaggy beast was upon her and she learnt that the Lesser Ward spell she had learnt was no good against physical attack. She quickly called forth her Sparks spell and soon enough the wolf was whimpering away, its scorched flank charred and bloody. It returned however with two more, a large black beast and a smaller brown one. This time, however, she was ready and dispatched all three beasts with well delivered blasts of lighting. Continuing with her journey she stumbled upon the source of so many wolves. A majestic elk with large antlers lay bloodied and torn a little off the path. No doubt the pack had brought the graceful creature down and had started to feast on it. Se’rith decided there and then she couldn’t hate anything more than wolves!

The path to Saarthal


Se’rith arrived at Saarthal shortly after. It was a huge dig site. Scaffolding and rope bridges took her down to the entrance where Tolfdir and Brelyne awaited her. The door to Saarthal had an evil look to it. It was made of black stone and seemed to  be covered in serpentine designs and sigils. Tolfdir greeted her and instructed her to follow him into the ruin but warned her to be alert and to be mindful of where she stepped.

Once inside Se’rith’s breath was taken away. Saarthal was much larger inside than anyone outside could have guessed. Its ceiling was high and lost in the darkness, while flying buttresses held up stone archways that connected several columns with curved wooden walkways that linked the different levels. More wooden scaffolding and rope bridges attested to the presence of the College’s archeaologists. Broken pottery and rotting cloth could be seen amid the flickering torchlight. Tolfdir was telling the apprentices, Omund and J’zargo were already inside, about how Saarthal is one of the earliest Nord settlements to have been discovered and its presence had caused much excitement in the College. He went on to say that their task was to investigate the presence of magical seals on any tombs that may be discovered. He was also clear in his warning that they shouldn’t delve to deeply into the ruins as one cannot be to sure what can de discovered in these dark places.


Tolfdir instructed Se’rith to follow the main passage to find Arniel Gane whose task it was to catalogue any and all magical items found in the dig site. Before she left however Tolfdir handed Se’rith a spelltome. He told her to read it and comitt the spell to memory as it would help her bring light to the dark corners of Saarthal. She took a moment to thank her mentor and to read the tome. It contained the words of power for a very simple spell from the school of Alteration called Candlelight. She closed her eyes as the words of the spell once again disappeared into wispy smoke as she read them. She then tried the spell for the first time and was suddenly rewarded with a pale blue, but bright light hovering slightly above her head. Its light chased away the shadows to reveal every nook and cranny in the ruin, well at least the ones in the range of the spell. Se’rith was mighty proud of herself. She had been a member of the college for one day and had already learnt two new spells. She strode confidently on to find Arniel.



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