Skyrim: A New Life

She found Arniel hunched over a battered wooden table in an alcove outside a four roomed chamber. She was instructed to find four magical artefacts that the scryers had detected in this chamber. Arniel had no idea what they were or what they did but required them promptly. He said all this without lifting his head from a ledger in which he was inscribing  the archaeological finds. Se’rith thus moved into the chamber and after some searhcing discovered three small golden rings that emitted some dim aura of restoration magic and a glowing amulet that rested in a niche on a wall that bore some inscriptions. As her fingers closed around the amulet she was startled by a loud rumbling and the squeaking of metal. She turned around swiftly and barring the passage from whence she had come where several metal bars that had come through several holes on the passage floor. On the other side a very worried Tolfdir ran towards the bars. Se’rith was trapped.

Se’rith was rather calm, a fact that surprised her no end. Her logic told her that the amulet must have something to do with it. It radiated a powerful magical aura and after some consultation with Tolfdir she placed it around her neck. Her vision immediately clouded over for an instant and she became somewhat unsteady on her feet. She could her Tolfdir’s worried shouts as if in a haze. Gradually here vision returned and her attention was immediately focused on the wall where she had found the amulet. It shimmered with energy making it look somewhat insubstantial. Though she couldn’t see through it she sensed a passage on the other side. Calling forth her lightning bolt she hurled a lance of electrical energy at the shimmering wall. It virtually disintegrated upon contact. Simultaneously the bars retracted into their holes with a whoosh of air.

OT- I captured this screenie to highlight a cool little mod called Better Quest Objectives by whickus. In the absence of an Oblivion style journal this is a great little mod as it enhances the quest descriptors and adds more detail to the rather bland vanilla ones.

Dank, stale air flooded from the tunnel that had instantly perked Tolfdir’s interest. He ambled past Se’rith, all concern for her evaporating with this new discovery, and headed into the tunnel. Se’rith followed cautiously. If this tunnel had been magically sealed it must have been for a very good reason. She adopted what she thought was an adequate combat stance and followed her mentor in. A winding corridor led gradually downhill into a small chamber that had a small sepulchre in the centre and several wall mounted coffins around it. This is when Se’rith experienced the most frightening moment of her life until then. As Tolfdir examined the coffins more closely a flicker of moment at the edge of her retina caught her attention. Reality distorted and a ghostly incandescent figure appeared before her.

The apparition spoke of judgement and of innocence. It also spoke of the Psijic Order, an order that according to Tolfdir had disappeared over a century along with their base on the Island of Artaeus. What worried Se’rith more was the fact that Tolfdir had not seen or heard anything. His musings were abruptly disturbed by a loud roar and the sounds of coffin lids being popped. Both mages turned around with Tolfdir instructing Se’rith to defend herself. Confronting them were two living nightmares. Dessicated bodies with strands of long, dead hair hanging from their heads. Cruel, pale fires burned in their eye sockets as the Nord dead walked once again. They were both armed with ancient longswords that still held a keen edge. Calling force his magic, Tolfdir engulfed one in flame while Se’rith let lose her lightning once again. The smell of scorched dead flesh permeated through the air. Though slow and ponderous both Draugr, as Se’rith was later to learn they were called, were tough and took an inordinate amount of damage before falling lifeless to the floor. Se’rith was visibly shaken and the Break Bone Fever running through her veins was making her weak. Tolfdir insisted however that they press on as another passage had been revealed by one of the detached coffins. This time however he led and his body was enshrouded by some sort of ethereal armour.

OT – The ornagy/yellow draugr you see in the screenie comes with the Skyrim Monster Mod by Dogtown1 that adds a massive amount of new creatures and enemies. Highly recommended.

Se'rith blasts the undead as she delves deeper into Saarthal.


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