Skyrim: A New Life

Deeper into the ruins she went. Past corridors so choked up with cobwebs she needed to call up her magical flames to burn a way through, and into chambers with ancient Nordic engravings on the walls. All the time harassed by the living dead.

Ancient Nordic Engravings


She also came across strange runes carved on the floor. They turned out to be traps of a magical nature. Twice she was hurtled through the air as he feet made the lightest of contact against these deadly sigils on  he floor.

Ultimately she came upon a large, ornate iron door. Strange gurgling sounds came from the other side and Tolfdir’s appearance out of thin air did not help at all as she nearly jumped out of her dark skin. He said a magic dampener had prevented him from joining her earlier but now that they had bee reunited they needed to press on as he could sense a source of immense power on the other side of the door. Se’rtih pushed the door open and unlike all the other doors did not squeal on rusty hinges. The sight that befell their eyes was wondrous and Se’rith doubted she had ever seen anything like it. A large rune covered green orb was spinning in mid air. Surrounding it was some kind of force shield. It was both beautiful and intriguing at the same time. It was only a malevolant voice that sounded like the wind blowing through a grave that brought them out of their stupor. ‘So you have arrived at last,’ it said menacingly.

At the sound of the voice the orb rose higher and spun more ferociously. The clinking of mail and the drawing of steel was also heard from below followed by a massive bellow. Se’rith and Tolfdir advanced cautiously and peering over the ledge they caught sight of a revenant, the largest Draugr yet seen inside Saarthal. A majestic horned helm adorned its head while it wielded a massive double handed axe in its clawed hands. With a howl it bounded up the stairs and shrugged off Se’rith lighting bolt that simply was absorbed by the creature. Its form shimmering slightly as the magical energy passed through it leaving unharmed.

The creature proved impervious to almost all type of magic, though the cold hard iron of Se’rith’s mace did cause it to stop with every blow. The revenant wasn’t without magic of its own as it froze Se’rith with a powerfully, cold blast of eldritch magic. She felt her limbs slow and the mace suddenly became very heavy. The next thing she heard was ice shattering and then she felt herself flying through the air as one of the axe’s beards cut painfully into her side. She could feel her robes moisten as blood poured freely from the wound. The undead creature approached sure of its victory but it was Tolfdir that saved the day. Employing a powerful fire spell he erected a wall of living flame for a few seconds. Seconds that he used to channel a massive amount of healing energy into his apprentice. Se’rith felt the warmth return and the strength once again flow through her limbs. She stood up gingerly and hefted her mace. Her red eyes seemed to shine with an inner fury as she charged the monster in a fit of uncontrollable rage.  Her mace met the creature at the same time as three fire bolts that he left Tolfdir’s hand. As the creature weakened the rotating orb seemed to spin slower and lose some height. The revenant dropped down to one knee and Se’rith took her chance. Gathering all her strength she grabbed the mace with both hands, electrical  energy from her charged spell shrouding the head. With all her might she buried one of the spikes deep into the creatures head that virtually disintegrated as the orb behind her stopped spin and hung motionless a mere centimetre above the floor. The revenant crashed to the ground dropping its massive axe with a clang. Se’rith went to her knees also dropping her weapon and she almost fainted from the effort.

Tolfdir once again channelled healing energy into her battered body and soon enough her head cleared and she could stand up. Her gaze went to the orb that had so captivated them on entry. ‘What in Oblivion is that Tolfdir?’ she asked.

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