Skyrim: A New Life

It seemed that her exploits in Saarthal had made her well know in the College. Masters and apprentices alike hailed her as she walked the hallowed halls congratulating her, Mirabelle in particular was glowing with praise. To be honest there was some part of Se’rith that believed she deserved the praise as Tolfdir had certainly put in her in danger’s way and she came out relatively unscathed. Yet not all was good news. As she entered the Hall of Elements Faralda called her over into an alcove and gave her a warning that sent a chill down her spine. She claimed that Ancano, the Thalmor Ambassador had been asking several probing questions about this new dark elf just arrived in the College. It was clear that despite being a high elf herself Faralda held no love for the Aldemri Dominion. Se’rith thanked her for the warning and wondered what she’d done to merit such unwelcome attention.

Ancano, Thalmor Ambassador to the College of Winterhold

Entering the Arcaneum she finally found Urag, who in true orc style, was nonplussed about what had happened in Saarthal. He, alas, did not have anything to aid Se’rith in her research due to a theft by a former apprentice of the College called Orthorn. He had apparently  got in with a rouge element of conjurers that decided to leave the College. Urag intimated that they were involved in some dealings and research that conflicted with the tenets of the College and thus relocated to a ruined keep near Whiterun called Fell Blow Keep. This Orthorn, in order to impress his new associates, pilfered supplies and books from the College. Some of the volumes he took off with his dealt with the history of Saarthal and the first Nord settlements. If any information was to be had it was sure in one of those volumes. With tusks dripping with sarcasm Urag suggested she go and have a chat with Orthorn. He even gave her a map of the province and marked the location of Fell Blow Keep, only half way across Skyrim! Se’rith thanked him for his aid and made her way to her chambers as the hour was getting late if the rumblings in her stomach were anything to go by!

There she bumped in J’zargo who, in his way, expressed his amazement that a mage of Se’rith’s quality could pull off the feats she did. As such he granted her the ‘honour’ of field testing a new fire spell for use against the undead in particular. He beckoned her into his room and handed over a bunch of 10 scrolls and tasked her with frying some skeletons and draugr to test the effectiveness of his creation. Se’rith thanked him for the ‘great honour’ he was bestowing her. The vain khajit failed to see the sarcasm and went on about the privilege blah blah blah.

OT – J’zargo and all argonians and khajits will from today benefit from Better Beast Races by Xenius.

She made her apologies to the rambling khajit and made for her bedchamber. She had some beef jerky she was going to wash down with some Hunningbrew Mead she had purchased at Birna’s as she read two volumes she had found in her room. The first book was titled ‘The Madmen of the Reach’ by Arrianus Arius. A treatise on the Forsworn in an area of Skyrim called the Reach. Checking her map she saw The Reach was far to the West of her location and if what the book said was true then she was glad she was far removed from such a war torn area. If Skyrim was falling into civil war it was with the backdrop of another, much older conflict. Nords didn’t seem to like non Nords at all! Her second book was entitled Immortal Blood. An account on vampires and vampire clans. She was to regret this as her dreams that restless night were full of feather clad savages wielding primitive weapons and fanged vampires seeking her elven blood!


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