Skyrim: A New Life

Tolfdir could not answer Se’rith’s question and he ordered her back to the College. She was to find the Arch Mage and tell him what they had found. This orb was a mystery and it would be in the College’s interest to research and study it to release and use its power. As she turned to leave however Se’rith noticed a small door behind the floating orb. She opened it, ready to meet any challenge but the only thing she encountered was a wall of dark stone etched with writing she did not understand. She was about to tell Tolfdir when she heard it. Distant whispers floating on the wind beckoning her towards the wall. Ethereal wind began to generate from the wall as the runes began to glow eerily.

The runes glowed brighter and brighter drawing her in like a moth to the flame. One word in particular glowed with a fierce light, damaging her red eyes. The word grew in size until the wind rose in intensity and strength. The chanting became louder, she could make out distinctive sounds but could not understand their meaning. The door slammed shut behind her as her vision was totally consumed by this rune that seemed to be lifting off the wall and burning itself into her eyes. She lifted her hands to shield them when a loud thunder clap threw to the floor and she lost consciousness.

She woke up some time later. The wall was now smooth, there was no wind and no noise other than the whistling of the wind through a hole on the wall through which pale daylight was streaming through. Had she dreamt all this? Was it to do with her fever? She certainly felt..well different but she couldn’t tell exactly how or why! She gathered her wits about her and told herself not to be silly and made to move to the light and back to the surface. She had mission to accomplish and she had no idea how long she had been out for.

Upon reaching the College she immediately sought Savos Aren to relay her news. He was certainly impressed by the whole story and commended Se’rith for her handling of the revenant, especially by one so young and inexperienced. She did, however, not mention the wall or the glowing runes. Aren rewarded her with a staff. One, he said, she would find very useful the next time she was underground. He also bade Se’rith head to the Arcaneum and seek Urag’s aid in researching the orb. He then dismissed her and once again thanked her for her efforts. When she got to the Arcaneum she had no option but to sit down as her body was suddenly racked with chills and she broke out in cold sweat, damn fever! As she recovered she produced a small folded scroll she had found in the revenant’s chamber.  It contained some sort of riddle. Something to research at a later date.

Urag was not to be found at his usual perch so Se’rith headed back to the Hall of Attainment. Her apothecary’s satchel was full of ingredients she had been gathering. Having acquired a basic knowledge of Alchemy in Morrowind she was keen to brew some potions of her own. She knew she had enough material to brew several Stamina potions, and by the Nine she would need them, and several weak health potions. She found a communal alchemist’s station on the second floor of the Hall of Attainment and set to work. As she mixed the pulped ingredients she found that crushed wolf heart mixed with a certain blue flower native to Skyrim, she had certainly not seen anything like it in Morrowind, accentuated the power of the basic health potion and it not only boosted ones health it increased the rate of regeneration. This is what is felt like to be a mage, research and discovery.

Once she had finished Se’rith headed to Winterhold, to the small General Store(Birna’s Oddments or something like that) she had seen on her way into the College. She had several items she had picked up inside Saarthal, items that were not magical in nature and sure not to interest the College, she wished to trade. Birna was sure to welcome the trade and Se’rith was mindful of the fact that a successful mage would also need coin to fund experiments and such. As she left the College she bumped into Brelyna. As a fellow Dunmer a familiar face brought Se’rith some comfort. They engaged in conversation of a common heritage and Brelyna revealed she was a scion of House Telvanni, Se’rith raised her eyebrows at this a Great House! She also mentioned that before the Oblivion Crisis Winterhold was full of Dunmer but as elves in general were blamed for the woes of Winterhold very few dark elves now came seeking the College’s knowledge. As they talked Se’rith began to warm to her, hearing the familiar accent made her feel at home and somewhat nostalgic. As such she quickly agreed to help Brelyna in some sort of spell casting she wanted to try. She instantly regretted it as her world turn green! The look on the other Dunmer’s face said it all. She was mortified and apologised profusely. Se’rith told her not to worry and she was sure the spell effects would wear off in time. Indeed they did as they sat together and reminisced about their homeland and its sad fate.

Se’rith must have lost her senses when she once again agreed to become Brelyna’s subject matter. She was sure that this time she’d get it right. The swirl of purple energy told Se’rth she was attempting some alteration magic and before she knew it Se’rth was sprouting a pair of horns and mooing! Brelyna went into a panic and started casting one spell after an other. First a cow, then a horse and then a barking dog! What kind of a mage was she?!?!? At the fourth attempt Se’rith was polymorhped back into her usual body. The look on Brelyna’s face was the last straw and she burst out laughing, the Telvanni joined her in mirth. Se’rith told her not to worry and that it was a pleasure to have helped her in her studies. As a matter of fact she felt the blossoming of a budding friendship. She felt that she could call on Brelyna’s aid in future should she need to. She bade her farewell and went off once again to seek Urag.

Se'rith the Horse, courtesy of Brelyna Telvanni

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